Psychopharmacology for Counselors:  Nuts and Bolts:


Presenter:  Miriam Tetelbom, MD, Licensed Psychiatrist

Attachments: icon Handout


"Counseling Trans* Kids and Their Parents"


Presenter:  Jennifer Whitlock, MA, LPC

Attachments: icon Handouts


"Out-of-the-Box Techniques and Activities for Counselors"


Presenters:  Yumiko Ogaway, PhD, LPC, ACS, RPT-S

Jean Georgiou, EdD, LPC, NCC, ACS

Vaibhavee Agaskar, Phd

Attachments: icon Handout


"ACA ASERVIC Spirituality Competencies - Rules and Tools"



Presenter:  Margaret Tana, EdD, LPC, LCADC

Attachments: icon Handout


"Spirituality and Religious Vales in Couples Work"


Presenters:  Meredith Keller, MA, LPC & Gurpreet Kaur, EdD, CCMHC, LPC, ACS, NCC

Attachments: icon Handout

   "Substance Use Disorders:  What Does That Mean"


Presenter:  Jennifer McClendon, MA, LAC, LCADC, NCC


Attachments: icon Handout icon ASAM Case Presentation icon Cravings icon Decision Tree icon What Alcohol and Drugs Do to the Body




"Spouse Abusers:  What How Often, Who, Why"


Presenter:  Richard Kessler, PhD, NCC, DVS

Attachments: icon Handout icon Presentation



Animal Exposure Therapy With Traumatized Children:


Presenters:  Catherine Alvarez, MA Candidate and Marcela Kepicova, EdS, LPC

Attachments: icon Handout


"Holistic Living With Mindfulness"


Presenter:  Suruchi Saini, MA, LPC, NCC, CCTP

Attachments: icon Handout


"Into the Light:  A Counselor's Introduction to Human Trafficking"


Presenters:  Donalee Brown, PhD, LP and Jacqueline K. Skutka, MA Candidate

Attachments: icon Handout


"Revitalizing Lives of Widowed Elderly Through Leisure"


Presenter:  Marcela Kepicova, Eds, LPC, NCC

Attachments: icon Handout


"Insurance - How to Avoid Insanity"


Presenter:  Katharine Napoli, BA and Nancy Benz, MA, LPC, ACS

Attachments: icon Handout


"Understanding the Regulations and Laws for Licensure"


Presenter:  Mel Bennett, MA, LPC

Attachments: icon Handout


A Dialogue With Your Licensure Board"


Presenters:  William F. Green, MS, LRC, CRC, CPRP

Diane Licht, MA, LPC

Dana Kaspereen-Guidicipietro, PhD, LPC, LCADC, NCC, ACS

Attachments: icon Handout


"Electrotherapy Stimulation for Anxiety, Insomnia, and Depression"


Presenter:  Joseph Springer, PhD, LP

Attachments: icon Handout



"Toward Multicultural Counseling Competence:  The Cognitive Conceptualization


Presenter:  Michael Likier, PhD, ACT, LP

Attachments: icon Handout


"Graduate Group Experience:  Trusting the Process"


Presenter:  Jean Georgiou, EdD, LPC, NCC, ACS

Attachments: icon Handout


"Counseling Single Mothers:  Research and Practice"


Presenters:  Megan Delaney, PhD and Ashley Smith, MA Candidate

Attachments: icon Handout


"African Yes, But I Don't Have Ebola"


Presenter:  Lorraine Nelson, PhD, LPC, NCC

Attachments: icon Handout


"College Students and Bullying:  Experiences and Intervention"


Presenters:  Anthony Tasso, PhD, LP, ABPP, ACS

Jacqueline Cottrell, MA and Madonna Saganda, MA

Attachments: icon Handout



"Balancing Our Emotion Regulation Systems With Compassionate Attention"


Presenters:  Peter Economou, PhD, LPC and Vanessa Chafos, MA, LAC

Attachments: icon Handout




"Multimodal Therapy:  Brief and Comprehensive Psychotherapy"

Presenter:  Clifford Lazarus, PhD, LPC

Attachments: icon Handout




"I Don't Know What to Say..."

Presenter:  Janice Oursler, PhD, NCC, CRC

Attachments: icon Handout




"Riding the Waves of Cognitive Therapy:  A History and Emphasis on Third Wave CBT"

Presenter: Peter Economou, PhD, LPC

Attachments: icon Handout




"Fostering Resilience in Children Coping With Loss"

 Presenter: Connie Palmer, MSW, LCSW

 Attachments: icon Handout




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